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ViaCheff is the official distributor of Porto Formas chocolate molds in the United States.

Choose from popular standard, 3-part and large chocolate molds with multi-piece modeling projects.

Made of polycarbonate, the plastic molds make it easy for anyone to quickly create chocolates in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Benefits of 3-Part Chocolate Molds

The special, 3-part chocolate molds with 2 rigids parts and a flexible plastic insert for each cavity. The combination of these pieces provides added benefits that make them the clear choice over the traditional silicone molds.

  • Brush vs Pour

The silicone molds require the melted chocolate be brushed on while the melted chocolate can be poured into the 3-part molds.

  • Set Multiple Times vs Only Once

It usually takes 3 to 5 layers of chocolate to form a chocolate shell with a silicone mold. Each layer must be placed in the refrigerator to set. The correct amount of chocolate can be poured to the fill line on the 3-part mold meaning it only needs to be placed in the refrigerator to set once.

  • Uneven vs Perfectly Uniform Shells

Due to the manner in which the chocolate is brushed onto a silicone mold, the shells frequently come out very uneven. Oftentimes, thin sections of the shells cause them to break. The use of the flexible inserts with the top rigid part of the 3-part mold ensure that perfectly uniform shells are produced every time.

Selection of Chocolate Molds

The Porta Formas Catalog contains over 340 different chocolate mold shapes. The company frequently launches new lines of molds. Here is a list of some of the molds currently available.

Alphabet Cups Numbers
Animals Diamonds Origami
Balls Dinosaurs Picture Frames
Bars Easter Religious Symbols
Bonbons Fruits Spheres
Cakes Geometric Tablets
Cake Pops Hears Teddy Bears
Cake Toppers Houses Truffles
Christmas Lollipops And more


Top Selling 3-Part Molds

  • Easter Eggs & Bunnies
  • Hearts
  • Spheres
  • Teddy Bears
  •  Video Game Controllers 

Special Order

You can choose from over 350 different varieties of chocolate molds, textured sheets, acetate strips, and more that are not stocked in our warehouse.

Additionally, special order purchases allow you to order the items you need regardless of our inventory levels. You can purchase as much as you’d like of each item, so long as the minimums are met.

Orders for special-order items must add up to a minimum of USD$500 before shipping costs.

Lead times: Once we begin to process your order, you will receive the products you order in 4-6 weeks.

Because your order will be coming from overseas and going through a logistics process with many moving parts, we cannot guarantee an exact delivery date.

We recommend that you always allow for a 6-week lead time.


You can purchase wholesale chocolate molds on Wholesalers enjoy a 50% discount from our standard retail pricing. Restrictions resale policies do apply and you must qualify as a registered business to enjoy these discounts.

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